Issue #2  May 2020

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From the Heart

Thoughts from our CEO, Craig Cooper


As we all continue to manage through the current situation, I remain cautiously optimistic about the near future and downright bullish about our long-term prospects. 

Clinical researchers have started digging into the COVID-19 data, gleaning all the information they can to help us prepare for the next global epidemic. Our story below on the CARTESIAN Study is a great example. The study will analyze the impact of the virus on arterial stiffness and other cardiovascular conditions—and we are proud of the role our technology will play in its success.

At the same time, technology companies like ourselves are redoubling efforts to realize the long-promised “digital revolution” in healthcare—based on big data, AI, genomics, and the “consumerization” of health services. Most of the stories in this issue of VITALITY address these exciting developments.

In the coming months and years, you will see an explosion of innovation and creativity in digital health and wellness—all geared towards personalized, precise, preventive care. We aim to be right in the middle of it.


Stay healthy, stay strong,

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ATCOR SphygmoCor® technology to feature prominently in the first clinical study on arterial stiffness and COVID-19.


The Artery Society in Europe this week announced the first study to focus on the impact of COVID-19 on arterial stiffness with ATCOR’s SphygmoCor® technology playing a major role in analyzing central hemodynamic patient data. The longitudinal, multicentre CARTESIAN study aims to identify early predictors of cardiovascular events and inform better preventive care in a post-coronavirus world.

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Announcing the world’s first medically reliable wearable sensor technology.


CEO Craig Cooper sat down with Proactive Investors to discuss our recent major technology breakthrough. As reported in the media, we are the first in the world to derive unique and medically reliable heart and arterial health features from a PPG sensor used in wearable devices. 

This game-changing breakthrough will pave the way for more effective remote diagnosis and monitoring of hypertension and cardiovascular disease—both of which are key complications for a variety of conditions, including COVID-19. It is a significant milestone towards eventual FDA clearance and proliferation into a wide range of clinical and consumer applications. With this milestone in hand, we are excited about numerous initiatives with other major consumer wearables, technology, and telecommunications firms who have requested demonstrations of the ATCOR results. 

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Celebrating a major milestone in our strategic partnership with Mobvoi to develop “smart heart health” solutions.


As indicated above, ATCOR has been able to extract from a PPG sensor a series of unique biometric parameters based on central arterial waveforms, leveraging the foundation of our FDA-cleared SphygmoCor® technology. This opens the pathway for medical grade data to be remotely obtained from a consumer wearable device.

Importantly, this completes Phase 1 of our Joint Development Agreement with Google-backed Mobvoi for the application of our technology into a new range of Mobvoi wearable devices. Mobvoi is Google’s official Wear OS partner in China. Wear OS is the Android operating system for wearable devices, such as smartwatches, smart earbuds, and apps – similar to the Apple iOS platform.

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Continuing to progress our wearable health technology.


Our wearable strategy focuses on enabling the first uncalibrated, noninvasive, cuff-less, wearable sensor for monitoring blood pressure and other cardiovascular vital signs—one of the “Holy Grails” of wearable health technology.

The clinical side of this strategy has 3 prongs:

  1. Ambulatory patient monitoring (ABPM);
  2. Continuous noninvasive in-patient monitoring; and
  3. Peripheral vascular disease assessment.

We are executing the consumer side of our strategy via our own CardieX Sensor Development Kit, as well as partnerships with Mobvoi (outlined above), Silicon Valley-based Blumio, and others.

Under the Co-Development Agreement (CDA) with Blumio, our SphygmoCor® technology enables the Blumio sensor to generate an arterial waveform in real time. As a mark of the impact we are already having on industry perceptions, Swiss pharmaceutical giant, Roche, and German semiconductor manufacturer, Infineon, have recently struck development agreements with Blumio to leverage their innovative technology.

We hope to share more exciting news from our other confidential ongoing engagements soon!

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ATCOR is the global leader in measuring central blood pressure and arterial stiffness. Our technology is the global gold standard for assessing the shape of the pulse and the stiffness of the arteries at a person’s heart which provides critical information that cannot be obtained from standard cuff blood pressure measurement. You can read more about it here.