Actionable Health Insights from Our Patented Technology

ATCOR·X features are based on the arterial signals and data derived from measuring central blood pressure waveforms (cBP).

Central blood pressure waveforms are one of the most advanced, and clinically relevant, vital signs for the measurement of arterial and vascular health.

For over 20 years ATCOR has been the global leader in cBP and providing clinically relevant data to clinicians, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals. Our SphygmoCor® technology is used in every “USA Top 20 Hospital”, has over 4500 global installations, and is used by major pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, and Bayer.

Industry and medical leaders rely on ATCOR’s cBP technology to provide the most advanced data and analytics for measuring vascular and cardiovascular health including identification and risk assessment of patients for multiple disorders including:

Through advanced research, studies, and university trials ATCOR has been able to replicate the same waveforms that are derived from our core SphygmoCor® technology by way of a PPG sensor - enabling advanced vital signs to now be available by way of a multitude of sensor-based devices.

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