Our strategy is to enable the first uncalibrated, noninvasive, cuff-less, wearable sensor for monitoring blood pressure and other cardiovascular vital signs—one of the “Holy Grails” of mHealth technology.

We are executing the consumer side of our strategy via our own CardieX Sensor Development Kit, as well as Join Development Agreements (JDAs) and Co-Development Agreements (CDAs) with key technology partners.

We have extracted a series of unique biometric parameters from a PPG sensor based on central arterial waveforms—thus leveraging the foundation of our FDA-cleared SphygmoCor® technology. This opens the pathway for medical grade data to be remotely obtained from a consumer wearable device.

Importantly, this completes a major milestone in our JDA with Google-backed Mobvoi for the application of our technology into a new range of Mobvoi wearable devices. Mobvoi is Google’s official Wear OS partner in China. Wear OS is the Android operating system for wearable devices, such as smartwatches, smart earbuds, and apps – similar to the Apple iOS platform.

Under the Co-Development Agreement (CDA) with Blumio, our SphygmoCor® technology enables the Blumio sensor to generate an arterial waveform in real time. As a mark of the impact we are already having on industry perceptions, Swiss pharmaceutical giant, Roche, and German semiconductor manufacturer, Infineon, have recently struck development agreements with Blumio to leverage their innovative technology.

So, how about you?

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